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One Step "Total Gun Care". Your gun is an investment. Protect it with TruRecoil.

A special greeting to our friends at Bersa Chat Forum, shooters who respect their guns!

Baserri / TruRecoil Team Up

Baserri Shotguns, a premier shotgun company, includes TruRecoil with every new gun they ship!

World Champion Shooter

Jessie Duff, World Championship shooter, depends on TruRecoil for her gun maintenance.

Jessie Duff

"TruRecoil works in the most extreme conditions and lasts longer than any other gun oil I've tried." - Jessie

Start with TruRecoil

TruRecoil cleans, lubricates and protects metal in one application. TruRecoil bonds to the metal for lasting protection!

Dual Wipes

TruProducts is the only company offering a waterproof foil pack containing both a gun oil wipe and a dry wipe for cleanup.

Professionals prepare first with TruRecoil, then they shoot Successfully.

TruRecoil Lasts Longer

"We spent years looking for a gun oil that would last through the hunt. - We finally found TruRecoil." Cody Easom

100% Guarantee

Years of successful field and laboratory testing prove TruProducts outperform all other oils on the market.

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Success Starts Beforehand. Prepare with TruProducts!
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Total Care for your Gun

TruRecoil is a high performance, multipurpose, synthetic lubricant that penetrates to CLEAN, LUBRICATE and PROTECT in one simple step. TruRecoil was engineered, by special request, to reduce failures of high performance firearms when pushed to the maximum. The resulting product is a special blend of additives which penetrate,  push impurities to the top, and then leave a barrier to protect against oxidation, rust and wear from friction.

TruRecoil's strong molecular structure resists oxidation, evaporation and chemical changes.  Oil products, on the other hand, immediately begin to decompose upon exposure to air.  For this reason, you will find that TruRecoil does not produce sludge like petroleum products.  Instead, after heavy use, TruRecoil is still "On Guard" protecting your gun and saving you time, money, and aggravation.

  • ONE STEP Care - Cleans, Lubricates and Protects in a single application.
  • PENETRATES to lift impurities for Lasting Protection.
  • ENGINEERED for High Performance Firearms.
  • PERFORMS in Heat, Cold, Dirt, Sand and Salt Water.
  • RESOLVES many Equipment Malfunctions resulting from inadequate maintenance.
  • RESISTS Oxidation and Evaporation that causes rust and friction wear.
  • SUPERIOR protection for all Firearms.
  • REDUCES Maintenance Time, Effort and Expense.
  • SLUDGE Resistant - maintains chemical properties long after others begin to decompose.
  • LOWERS the cost of Ownership.

    "YOU WIN" Product Guarantee - or - Your Money Back.

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The "Simple Truth" about Gun Oil

Oil, Waxes and Petroleum Products
  • Oil, waxes and petroleum were used 100 years ago.  Today, newer technology makes all of these products obsolete.
  • Oil immediately begins to decompose upon exposure to air and evaporation.
  • Oil creates SLUDGE as its more delicate chemical structure breaks down.
  • Oil separates and rises to the surface of your gun in the presence of moisture.
  • Oil does not clean.
  • Many gun malfunctions are due to improper maintenance, rather than poor equipment.
  • TruRecoil has a stronger molecular structure that resists chemical changes when exposed to air and extreme temperatures.
  • TruRecoil cleans, lubricates, and protects in one simple step.
  • TruRecoil lifts sludge and impurities up and out as it penetrates and adheres to the metal.
  • TruRecoil does not strip metal leaving it exposed to rust and friction wear. 
  • TruRecoil leaves a protective barrier as it cleans and lifts impurities off of the metal.
  • TruRecoil is a technically advanced product with special additives that resolve many equipment failures attributed to heavy use and harsh conditions.
  • TruRecoil adheres and protects metal - even when exposed to salt water.
  • You will experience fewer malfunctions and spend less time and money when you switch to using TruRecoil.

"YOU WIN" Product Guarantee - or - Your Money Back.

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TruRecoil Gun Oil is a CLP (Cleaner, Lubricant, Protect ant)
  • Spray or Wipe on a fine coat of TruRecoil.
    • Tru Recoil is designed to clean all metal parts of your gun.
    • No need to worry about harming the factory finish on your gun. TruRecoil cleans the metal but will not harm the wood or fiber stock of your gun.
  • Gently Wipe off excess TruRecoil.
  • Now your gun is protected. Watch water bead up.
    • TruRecoil is now at work continuing to clean and protect your gun from the effects of rust and friction.
    • TruRecoil will withstand  extreme climate conditions and excessive use prior to the next cleaning.
    • There is no need to use an additional product.  Your gun is fully cleaned, lubricated and protected.
  • Expect Amazing Results.

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"YOU WIN" Product Guarantee - or - Your Money Back.

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